Our main goal is to provide the market place with prestigious housing units, fulfilling the desires of exclusive customers, and executing contracting assignments with a high level of technology, quality, uniqueness and perfect timing .



Our vision is to cover the entire market within our segment, to keep improving the standard of construction and maintain the company’s slogan “ Quality On Time, Every Time “

The group’s publicized statement “The cornerstone of our future success lies in our commitment to rain and develop our people. By dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of excellence and doing things the right way , the first time and every time , we aim to remain in the forefront of our industry , remains to be the vision we believe in.


The System:

The Lotus Group is an open system organization, because we consume raw materials, and process them into a reliable product within the transformation process.


Structural Dimensions:

The Lotus Group is a formalized organization, because they have a lot of step manuals for all of the different tasks done in constructing . The specialization level is very high, and it’s decentralized, because decisions made on the field ( construction ) aren’t referred to the top management level for authorization. The job requirements at the organization are pretty professional, and of high standards , and the personal turn over ratio level is low.


Contextual Dimensions:

Under porter’s competitive strategies, Lotus Group falls under “Focused differentiation” . The Lotus is a medium sized organization  with around 100 employees .

The organization’s technology level is very high with the latest of the computer technologies available . The environment surrounding the Lotus is huge, for there are a lot of competitors, suppliers and governments to deal with, and of course customers to satisfy and serve : Porter’s competitive strategies .


The Environmental Domain:

The environmental domain of the Lotus Group includes : industry , raw materials , human recourses, financial resources , market, technology , economic conditions , and government sectors

It has low- moderate uncertainty Controlling the environmental domain .